Jakarta, Indonesia

LINMADE Bags is created around the philosophy of “Living in Nattiness“. Its DNA is young, optimistic and bold. LINMADE offers simple classic pieces polished in fun and wit. Functionality and utility is key. The collection is crafted with fine materials like crisp cotton, exotic leather, encouraged by bold colors and strong prints while keeping in mind the structure and weight of the bag. In a market so saturated with brand logos and overly designed accessories, LINMADE Bags embody confident, effortless luxury.

LINMADE Bags are not to be taken too seriously. It is the cocktail in your hand, a dessert to your meal; the playful thing that pops out of your whole outfit.

LINMADE Bags are available exclusively through our online store. Customer service hours are: Monday - Friday 10:00am to 5:00pm EST

For any product enquiries, wholesale, or hello's, please contact us at:

WhatsApp: +62 (82) 110-272-509

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